ALTAIR´s birth took place in 1986. The company was founded with the goal of combining innovation, high precission, quality and an excellent customer service.

More than 30 years later, with a highly competitive product catalogue and a renewed image, ALTAIR has turned into a reference company in the professional audio sector. Everyday we keep on working to improve, according the values that made ALTAIR a reference in quality and service.


In 1986, ALTAIR was founded with its current name "EQUIPOS EUROPEOS ELECTRONICOS, S.A." as a continuation of the determined vocation of Antonio M. Ruiz (Altair CEO), César González (Production Manager) and Alberto Meiro (Procurement Manager) for the professional audio. Months later, Miguel Giménez (who also had a wide experience in the sector) joined the team as Technical Manager.

Some years before, in 1977, 4 young telecommunications engineers led by Gerardo Meiro founded a company called ESPIRAL to design and produce power amplifiers. These first amplifiers were sold under the commercial brand "ALTAIR", being the T-236 and AT-336 the first models of which over 1500 units were sold.

Some years before, in 1977, four young telecommunications engineers led by Gerardo Meiro founded a company called ESPIRAL to design and produce power amplifiers. These first amplifiers were sold under the commercial brand "ALTAIR", being the AT-236 and AT-336 the first models of which over 1500 units were sold.

image 106Due to its growth, the Company moved to a local at Velarde street, downtown Madrid, and the project went on adding more partners and widening the initial purpose of the company to incorporate new high-fidelity and pro-audio products and to offer installation services.

Later, the company decided to produce the ALTAIR BT-250, a 250W per channel power amplifier for professional audio applications. Hundreds of units of this model were produced and with the growth of the company a specialization became necessary. This was the origin of several new ideas and companies (AEQ, SPA, 220 SC), all of them related to the professional audio business.

In this new period that started in 1986 we set out to fulfill our initial goal of designing innovative high-quality professional audio products and distribute them all around the world.


image 155First power amplifiers were designed (XR-500/1000), as well as the first "club" mixer (MZ-5). Fist graphic equalizers (EQ-215/301) were produced and the highly valued MOSFET power amplifiers started to sell all over Spain (models MF-150/300/600/800 and 1200)

First wired intercommunication sistems (EF-100 and EM-100) are incorporated to the catalogue and the ES-100 intercom desk station starts being developed.

This period is completed with the development of the CL-532 compressor- limiter, that would be widely used in live music and as a club limiter.

image 209

Parallel to the growth of projects the company starts to build its commercial network in Spain and for the first time ALTAIR presents its products at the Musik-Messe trade show in Frankfurt.


In this period the company gained a high presence in the spanish market, becoming a well-known brand famous for the quality and reliability of its components. At the same time, many international distribution agreements are consolidated.

In addition, ALTAIR asists for the first time to PALA trade show, in Singapour, where the brand starts to be sold.

image 170

During these years, the company goes a step further with the launch of the ELCTRA modular mixing console, with a wide range of different chassis and a global monitor/FOH commutation system. A Mos-Fet power amplifier (MF-1600) with a power of 2.200 W (bridge mode) is launched as well.

Talking about equalizers, ALTAIR develops an innovative system: the programmable DEQ-282. The system incorporates the "SCAN" mode to show the exact frequency of a possible feedback. Continuing this product line, a remote unit is added (DEQ-282s).


These years mean a deep change in the company, due to the move to new bigger installations (over 1.000 m2) and to the expansion of ALTAIR´s commercial network in Europe, America and Asia

An ambitious new line of MOS-FET power amplifiers with class H technology (models MF8 /12 /16) is launched (the MF-16 was capable of providing up to 3.000 W in bridge mode).

The new FA-524 and FA-724 crossovers are introduced to the market, featuring a new MONO out for the very low end and several additional options such as predefined delays and crossover frequencies.

In the field of analog equalisers the renewal came with the EQ-215 and EQ-230, which improved and widened their predecessors capabilities

Furthermore, R.E.C. remote control software was updated fot its operation under Windows 95´

As a novelty, in the 99´ NAMM show, the new version of the programmable DEQ-282 was launched, featuring advanced remote control options, new display screen and simplified operation. In the same fair, ADVANTAGE SERIES power amplifiers for installation and general purposes were also presented.

The new DA-410 distributor was also developed during this period. This powerful audio distributor is capable of routing one or two incoming stereo signals into 5 stereo or 10 mono outputs with independent volume controls.

The new EF-200 intercom system added new features to the already popular Espiral E-100 system, keeping compatibility with it. Each component of the new system incorporates a micro-controller to implement several functions (microphone and buzzer remote muting, "push to talk" function, etc.)


After several years of intense research, ALTAIR launches its latest analog mixing console: The ELECTRA E-3.

Presented in 2002, the mixing console surprised due to its advanced design and excellent quality components.

This console won the "MIX Certificate HIT" award (awarded by MIX Magazine), and its launch was an important international boost for the company , that had already started to be well known among the professionals of the audio sector.


Using all the experience and knowledge accumulated with the wired intercom systems, and in order to satisfy the needs of mobility in certain applications, ALTAIR launches its successful wireless intercom series WB-200, consisting of:

  • WBS-200 Single channel wirless base station
  • WBP-200 Single chanel wirless beltpack
  • WBPC-200 beltpacks charger


As a consequence of the success of the WB-200 Series, ALTAIR decided to expand the range of wireless communication products introducing a double channel base station (WBS-202) and a double channel wireless beltpack (WBP-202).

In addition, the company launched the MTX-416 intercom matrix, a programmable matrix capable of combining and distributing up to 16 communication lines over its 4 available channels.

On the other hand, the EF-204 (four channels wired intercom base station) is presented to compliment the E-200 Series.


After listening to the opinion of many users ALTAIR develops the new "Extreme Series" wireless beltpacks. Designed to operate at the highest level even in the most demanding environments, the new series consists of the following models: WBP-210, WBP-212, WBP-210FL and WBP-212 FL.

These new beltpacks also featured a new "twin mode" function, allowing the user to establish wireless communication between two beltpacks avoiding the need of a base station.

During this period, the company also launches the AS-801 and AS-161 high quality audio selectors, designed to simplify the audio source selection in broadcast applications.


ALTAIR decides to invest in the audio integration sector developing the MAP Series (MAP-128, MAP-1216, REM2 and IR02) a new line of digital audio processors/distributors for fixed installations. This way, the company expands its offer to enter the growing commercial audio market.



ANTONIO RUIZ: CEO and Sales Manager. International Sales.

FRANCISCO HERRERIA: Sales Department. National Sales.

CARMEN ANTON: Administrative Department. Logistics.

MARTHA MORALES: Billing Department.


MIGUEL GIMENEZ: Technical Manager. I+D

JAVIER RUIZ: IT Systems Specialist. Technical Support


CESAR GONZALEZ: Production and Quality Control Manager.

MARCELO RODRIGUEZ: Warehouse Manager

SERGIO MARTIN: Technical Service

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