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Thanks to the continuous promotion work of the ALTAIR brand in Turkey, carried out by the local distributor StartElektronik, ALTAIR intercom systems have been installed in control rooms and simulators of the Turkish Aerospace Industries, being a tool of daily use in the development of the new "Hürjet" aircraft for the Turkish Air Force.

The Hurjët is a supersonic, single-engine, two-occupant tandem jet aircraft. With a wingspan of 11m and 13.4m long, this light aircraft has been designed for pilot training, surveillance, light combat and air support.

Images: Production of the prototype, pilot training in simulator, control room during launch and first flight of the Hürjet.

The development and manufacturing has been entirely carried out by TAI and the Hürjet aircraft has already performed its first flight tests, with ALTAIR as the main control room communications system, in combination with various headsets and other devices used by the ramp crew. ALTAIR has also been an element of daily use in pilot training, in simulation cockpits, always in combination with the usual very high isolation headphones used in the aeronautical industry.

The Hürjet project started in 2017 and the first flight took place in April 2023.
Featuring a modern cockpit, equipped with the latest technologies to maximize the safety of both pilot and aircraft, this model will substitute the Northrop T-38 in the training duties and will supplement the F-16 fleet for close air support. From ALTAIR, we thank and congratulate START ELEKTRONIK for this project and of course we congratulate TAI for the culmination of this exciting challenge and for the first flight of the Hürjet.

The 2023-24 course is off to a strong start at one of the most important international events in the world. Professionals and manufacturers of the Broadcast industry met again in the "Venice of the North", to enjoy an event that was expected (and it was) absolutely normalized and successful.

Not only we could discover a lot of news in different fields, but of course we took the opportunity to chat with our distributors, to present new products (IPW-306, IPX-302...) and to establish new contacts (some of them really interesting).

It was also nice to have the opportunity to have a chat with other manufacturers and exchange impressions with them. It is always uplifting to be able to share these moments with people who, like us, share the enthusiasm for this vibrant industry.

Finally, of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to walk around downtown and have a beer with the team in this always amazing city... See you next year!

Barcelona, February 2023.

After a couple of editions in which our presence at ISE was interrupted by the COVID pandemic, this 2023 we returned to ISE with a bigger booth, more products and more staff. The fact that the show moved to Barcelona made things easier for us and we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase our full range of products and solutions in a larger booth.

We received many visits from international distributors, friends and end users in what turned out to be a very successful edition of the show. Questions and demonstrations about IPcom took up a large part of the show and we got some interesting feedback as well as some new contacts.

We hope to see you all again next year, hopefully to discuss your experience with our newset systems...

See you in 2024!

AV Medios is one of the most active AV services provider in Madrid area that owns several pieces of ALTAIR gear. A well trained crew, plus ambitious management, have raised their reputation and they now cover a wide range of events, including live video production and streaming services.

However, a bit of help is sometimes necessary and that´s why they paid us a visit...

Blackmagic Design products have become quite popular, but can sometimes be "tricky" to make compatible with other brands, so we had to help AV MEDIOS with the integration of an ALTAIR intercom system with their Blackmagic ATEM studio production 4K.

After studying the requirements of our clients and the compatibility limitations between both brands, our Enginnering Manager, Miguel Giménez designed a solution with 4 x ALTAIR 4W2-200 interfaces, along with some tailored cabling, to make this setup work.
The outcome? a whole wired & wireless ALTAIR intercom system + 4 cameramen that will communicate smoothly thanks to this "multi-brand" setup. Perfect audio quality.

Our work here is done and another satisfied client hits the road with a fully operating system.

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