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MALAGA 4K Summit is a yearly event focused on the implementation and use of 4K HDR and 8K HDR, which is becoming mandatory for those professionals working in broadcasting environments. It is a changing world we are living in and, especially in our sector, it is always a matter of keeping pace with technological advances or facing extinction.


The 5th edition of the event received a good number of high profile professionals, consolidating itself as a crucial date for the sector, with an impressive number of internationally recognized consultants sharing their presentations and opinions. One more year, SONO TECNOLOGIA was one of the sponsors of the event, being also in charge of the technical aspects of the AV production for the various presentations that took place during this edition. As seen in the picture, the technical staff of SONO relied on ALTAIR intercom (WB-200 Series) for their internal communications.

Being in charge of the audiovisual technology, precisely in a summit focused on audiovisual technology, must be a challenging task but SONO is an experienced company with top-level professionals in its ranks. Nothing too difficult for one of the most reputed A/V providers in Spain.

Working not only in live events but also in temporary projects, integration and permanent A/V installations, SONO has made its way in a tough market, offering a proximity service with its 3 offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Seville). We are happy to help them face their daily tasks by easing their communications.

It´s always a pleasure to see our products in such expert hands!

Although we have permanent distribution in Poland thanks to our representatives in the country "POL AUDIO" (, it is not usual for us to visit the country. The fact that we attend the Frankfurt (PL+S) and Amsterdam (ISE) fairs yearly leaves us little time to explore new events in Europe, but in this case, thanks to the invitation of our Polish friends, we had the opportunity to get to know a new fair and a new country (which is really beautiful, by the way).

Our hosts took into account even the smallest detail and exhibited a large amount of equipment from our catalogue, including the latest novelties and even some prototypes belonging to product lines still in development that were brought specifically for the show.

At the fair we had the opportunity to share time with the POL-AUDIO team, which is always good to strengthen the relationship and to share ideas and opinions about new products and opportunities. On the other hand, we prepared a brief 50-minute talk about the possibilities of using intercom systems for video and film professionals.

A short but intense trip, topped off with dinner and a few drinks at Lòdz in the best company.

Poland 2019 A LowQ

Last 10-13 of May, our products were displayed at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou at the booth of our official distributor in China "EAD"  ( )cid part1 76AFBEFF 65F19A39altairaudio

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Thanks to its knowledge of ALTAIR products, gained over several years of close colaboration with our team, the EAD staff is able to offer the best advice for integrators and end users regarding the choice of the best intercom solution, wether for a fixed installation or portable applications.

As seen in the pictures, EAD is one of the first companies to aquire the new Cue Light system, so we are eager to receive some feedback about it from the end users.

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It´s always a joy to share this kind of news, thank you so much for the pictures!

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