Intercom Headsets (Miniature 4F-XLR Connector)

All the following models feature a miniature 4pin XLR connector (female).

WAM-100 & WAM-100/2

WAM-100 (dual earpad, image above) and WAM-100/2 (single earpad, image below) are ALTAIR´s most used wireless intercom headsets. Reliable and long lasting, these models perform great in a wide variety of situations. All spare parts are available for proper maintenaince.







WAM-100/S & WAM-100/2S

Both "S" models implement interesting advantages: better noise insulation and rotatable microphone boom. Microphone is switched ON/OFF when moving the microphone UP/DOWN. These models are strongly recommended for those professionals working in loud environments. All spare parts can be ordered for proper mantenaince. (Image: WAM-100S dual earpad headset, left ; WAM-100/2S single earpad headset, right)


WAM-100/2L & WAM-100/2SEC

These two models were added to the catalogue in order to ensure the suitability of our systems to every user and situation. These are suitable for certain applications and present some advantages but are not as ressistant as the models presented above. Both models feature an electret microphone, so the user must activate the phantom power on the beltpack or base station to use them.

The WAM-100/2L (left) is a good choice for users who work long hours in moderate noise environments and prefer a lighter version over our larger intercom headsets. WAM-100/2SEC (right) is perfect for those applications requiring an almost unvisible headset. It´s also suitable for communications between TV hosts and production teams. WAM-100/2SEC offers two different microphone operation modes: PTT (Push To Talk) and VOX (always active).

Spare parts for these models are not available. 

     WAM 100 2L y WAM 100 2SEC

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