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"4W2-200" - Universal 4W/2W interface

This single-channel interface converts a bidirectional intercom line into two separate unidirectional signals (INPUT/OUTPUT).

Thanks to this interface, the user will be able to connect ALTAIR intercom systems to non-compatible intercom systems by other manufaturers. Also, this device can be used to connect the intercom line to a telephone line so that a telephone call can be shared within the intercom partyline.

Furthermore, the 4W2-200 is a great tool for connecting ALTAIR intercom systems to professional cameras CCUs and it allows to introduce a wide range of MIC or LINE level signals into the intercom system. Output signal from the intercom line is easily adjustable to adapt it for external operations such as recording, post-production, P.A., etc.

4W2 200 rear Alta

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