Power Amplifiers


MF Series are the most advanced and best sounding power amplifiers that ALTAIR has ever created, but what makes them so special?

The answer is very simple: All MF Series amplifiers incorporate MOS-FET technology power transistors with LATERAL geometry. These devices ensure an outstanding reliability, ever-lasting operation and the highest sound quality. Great sounding power amps that (almost) last forever. MF Series also allow 2Ω operation.

  • MF-8: 2 x 400W (4Ω)
  • MF-12: 2 x 600W (4Ω)
  • MF-16: 2 x 800W (4Ω)
  • MF-24: 2 x 1200W (4Ω)

These power amplifiers offer exceptional quality and efficiency, incorporating important improvements such as new clipping circuit limiters, multiple protection systems including solid-state relays, monoblock chasis, high damping factor and total interconnection flexibihity.


  • PROTECTION: against on/off switch transients, electronic protection against short-circuit and open circuit, against overheating in output transistors and power supply, against DC  by solid-state relay.
  • SPEAKON Besides a 4mm diameter twin binding per channel (normahized according to EN-60065), MF power amps incorporate SPEAKON connectors.
  • BALANCED Electronically balanced input circuits for noise immunity in long wiring set-ups.
  • MF Series power amplifiers are prepared to work in low impedance conditions,down to 2 Ω loads.
  • COOLING Heat evacuation guaranteed by temperature dependent high flow fan operation (front to back servo assisted fan circuits).
  • POLARITY An inboard switch is included, in order to select the input polarity.Although the A.E.S. organization recommends 2+ nonn, al present time, an important percentage of sound equipment is wired with 3+ polarity.
  • H CLASS The MF 24 (highest power of the series), incorporales H class configuration output stages for improved amplifier and power supply efficiency, offering as a result an increase in power and a reduction in weight.
  • SENSITIVITY Through intemal adjustments on the input module board, several input sensitivities can be selected, in order to adapt the amp to the rest of the equipment.


pdf Professional power amplifiers MF Series brochure (437 Kb).

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