Noise Gates

Crystal Gating

ALTAIR NG-440 incorporates four identical full-featured noise gate sections. These 4 sections can be used as 4 independent MONO noise-gates, 2 x STEREO noise gate or a combination of the previous 2 modes. Both open-close transition and background noises in SHUT state are optimised to guarantee a transparent click-free operation for high end professional audio applications.

When used in STEREO mode, threshold, timing and gain reduction parameters will be controled just from one channel (L), actuating simultaneously over the 2 channels (L & R). Dedicated filters are provided to adjust triggering of the gate only by the desired instrument.Test monitoring of the filtered signals is available for easier adjust. Front panel attack and release time parameters are included for optimal sound reconstruction or for creative use. Background stage noises are easily removed for easier mixing operation. Spatial image of the sounds becomes more noticeable. Applications include sound reinforcement, drum or vocal gating, studio mic processing, etc.


  • Four noise gate sections for operation as quad/dual-stereo or mixed modes
  • Large gate activity LEDs and gain reduction bargraphs
  • State of the art VCA's for superb, no compromise sound transparency
  • HPF & LPF side chain filters/monitor switches for precise gating
  • Fast and automatic attack times selection
  • Ah four sections incorporate By-pass switches for easy operation
  • Balanced inputs/outputs by XLR and ¼ jaeks
  • Universal power supply voltage selection


pdf Quad noise gate NG-440 brochure (602 Kb).

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