IP Intercom Systems

IPcom Series

Main Features

  • No physical matrix is required. The IPcom system needs just a managed PoE switch to operate.
  • 128 users and a configuration capacity of up to 128 groups and 32 CUE Light signals.
  • Expandable system. Compatible with standard IP LAN networks.
  • Affordable cabling (CAT5/6 regular wiring).
  • "Plug & Play". All Altair IPcom Series units come preconfigured and ready to operate in a basic configuration of 2 party-line groups on 2 separate channels.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use configuration software.
  • "Distributed intelligence" concept. ALTAIR IPcom Series does not need a physical matrix, making the whole system more affordable. Each unit acts as a backup for the complete network configuration.
  • IPB-306 beltpack features an ergonomic and lightweight casing made of highly resistant ABS.
  • Standard 4M-XLR headset connector.

ALTAIR IPcom Series Models

  • IPB-306 Beltpack: can be powered by PoE, can be configured with up to 6 channels, includes two keys/encoders that allow the management of the different functions assigned to the channels. Functions such as: intercom, private calls, CUE Light receiver, speaker and mic, Bluetooth, reception of text messages...
  • IPF-316 Panel: can be powered by PoE, has 16 keys to control up to 32 channels distributed on 2 pages. In addition, each channel can be configured with different functions, such as: intercom communication, private calls, reception and sending of CUE Light signal, GPIOS, ...
  • IPX-301 Interface: designed to connect IPcom systems to wired and wireless (4W&2W) party-line intercom systems of any manufacturer.
  • IPX-302 DUAL 4W Interface: designed to connect IPcom systems to 4W systems and studio cameras. Allows the integration of two cameras with just one switch port.
  • IPW-306 wall-mount communication console: Wall-mount version of the IPB-306, adapted for fixed installation in dressing rooms and other instant communication points in theatres and/or broadcast facilities.


pdf  IPcom Full Catalogue 2023.

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