Signal Processors

The Altair NG-440 incorporates four identical full-featured Noise Gate sections. The device consists in an open-close switch activa-ted by a user selectable Threshold level. Both open-close transition and background noises in SHUT state are optimised to guarantee a transparent clickfree operation.

The Altair CN-220 incorporates in a compact unit, a Dual Compressor-Limiter with a full-featured Noise Gate front end. Dedicated filters are provided in the Gate section to Trigger the gate, only by the desired instrument, avoiding false gating.

The constant Q graphic equalisers EQ-215 (15+15 bands) and EQ-230 (30+30 bands), incorporate new functions like selection of equalisation range and selective faders illumination as well as improved specifications like increased dynamic range and better filter musicality.

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